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Simplifying Adherence

Improving Health

customized products for those you care for

Delivering simplicity to you and your members

Help your members adhere to their medication schedules.

PACE Plans

Make your prescription program easier to handle, so you can focus on providing health care to your Plan participants.

Group Homes
Group Homes

Help your members adhere to their prescriptions, for faster recoveries or an easier long-term care experience.

Assisted Living
Assisted Living

Let us take care of your medication management and simplify an important part of your personal care support services.

Medication Adherence can be accomplished with the right tools.


On average, almost 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed.


On average, 34% of patients never fill their prescription.
Medicine bottles
Simplify Your Medication Management

Packaging from Carekinesis offers freedom and peace of mind. Don’t spend hours every week managing pills, Carekinesis can help.

Success Stories

“The Pharmacist in Charge is very conscientious about saving us money and suggesting comparable medications at a lower cost.”

Brittney Minor BSN-RN, Director of Nursing | Northland PACE